2 Since the creation of the internet in the early nineties, Muslim dating has acquired a whole new definition as well as meaning. Many women and men in the Arab countries like the Middle East as well as Asia and the western countries have turned to online dating sites to get partners and initiate and indulge into a romantic adventure. However, you should know that online Muslim dating can both be fun as well as scary. You obviously want to be out there but at the same time, not while risking your privacy and personal safety. It may come across as something that is difficult to balance as offering too little information can render you unappealing, while too much information puts you at a risk of someone stealing your identity. Well, to help with the Muslim dating, the following are some of the safety tips and security.

1) Take advantage of security features that the online muslimĀ  dating service offers. Most online dating sites have security features that are built in that you can make use of. You can turn off the location tracking, instant messaging or even block a person al together. Also, it is advisable to check on the privacy setting that are available on the site.

2) The other thing that you could do is proxy your mobile phone number. Finding someone online that you would love to move on to the next step with is awesome. However, you should exercise caution before you decide to give them your number. For this, you could get a Google voice phone number. This will route texts and calls to your real mobile number.

3) Another safety tip is to use an email address that is disposable. When online dating, you will get lots of dating related emails. There will be emails, every time anyone views your dating profile, sends a message, winks or even likes the profile picture that you have up. These can quickly fill your official email and make it difficult for you to go through and get important emails.20100830144501539

4) In addition you should get rid of the geo tagging info before you post any photo. You can remove the geo location from the settings. You cannot see the geo location itself on the picture but there are applications that can read and also display the location.

5) Lastly, you should be aware of dating applications that are location aware. They are meant to make meeting up easier but it can also work against you. Therefore, caution should be exercised as there are criminal minds out there. There is usually an option to turn off the location awareness features of the application.